Welcome to the 13th Annual New York International Beer Competition

The Week Of April 15th 2024…Deadline Extended

The Only International Beer Competition Judged By Real Trade Buyers By Category And Actual Price.

Open To All Commercially Produced Beer, Hard Seltzer and Non Alcohol Beer From Around The World. You Do Not Have To Be Sold In New York Or The United States To Enter the Competition



The 14th Annual New York International Wine Competition

Inviting wines from around the world to be blind tasted by top wine buyers by category and actual price. Sommeliers, Wine Bar Owners, Restaurant Beverage Directors, Distributors and Importers judging as if buying for their own business.



The 15th Annual New York International Spirits Competition

Opportunity for your spirits, Ready To Drink (RTD), Mixers and Non Alcohol Spirits by mixologists, retailers, distributors and importers by category and price.



The New York International Cider Competition

The only international cider competition judged by real trade buyers.


The 13th Annual New York International Beer Competition

The New York International Beer Competition (NYIBC) is the only international beer competition where all the judges are real trade buyers judging the beers, non alcohol beers and hard seltzer in a blind taste test by its category and actual price. The trade buyers include beer cicerones, retail store buyers, craft beer bar owners, distributors and importers. The trade buyers you want to introduce to your new product too as well as reconnect with established buyers.

We have only raised our entry fees once in 13 years because we love this industry and we want to support it. Winners will receive a physical 2″ medal, free use of the digital medal image in their marketing materials, the option of buying authorized medal stickers or medal license fee for your bottles and packaging.

Blind Judging By Top Trade Buyers By Category And Price

Top Trade Buyers who are Beer Cicerones, Craft Beer Bars Owners, Retailers, Distributors and Importers will be judging by category and category. Judging as if buying for their business. .

Winner Assets Goes To The Winners

Winners receive a 2″ physical medal, digital medal images to use free of charge in marketing materials, opportunity to buy authorized medal stickers or medal license for bottles and packaging Plus the famous Booze Pays The Bills T Shirt!

Marketing Benefits

Top winner are showcased with our media partners including our own Professor Media Group including the websites the Alcohol Professor, Cheese Professor, The Chocolate Professor and more with over 150,000 Unique Hits a month.

The Alcohol Professor

An online “homeroom” to learn about all things bibulous—beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, along with travel tips, book reviews, bar reviews, recipes and videos.

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