Below are some of the sponsors already confirmed for the competition. Please check back for information on new sponsors.

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  • If the judges are faced with an obviously flawed bottle of a product, no more than one additional bottle of the same entry will be opened and tasted.

  • The tasting order of entries is set in our database first by panel, then category. Large categories are randomly split by the database so that no panel is asked to taste more than 60 products in the same category.
  • Beers are presented to judges in coded glasses. No bottles are visible to judges at any time until the competition is finished. Staff members are strictly forbidden from discussing any brand names, whether entered or not in the competition.
  • The decision of the judges is final and no changes are made to awards after the judging is complete. Judges receive a copy of the code sheets of the beers they judged with awards noted, so they are able to compare our records with their notes from the judging.

The New York International Beer Competition is the only International Beverage Competition judged by trade buyers who assess the product by category as well as actual price. If you’re looking to break into the New York Market and have your products tasted by multiple trade buyers, this competition is for you. 

Below is our current roster of judges. Check back often for updates! 

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