Mayor Bloomberg Welcomes Back The NYIBC!

It is a great pleasure to welcome everyone to the Second Annual New York International Beer Competition.

Our City is proud to be an international capital of the beer business. New York’s craft beer community has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to quality and sustainability, and the owners and operators of our independent breweries and bars are committed to preserving the honest tavern traditions and leading the conversations about where the industry is headed. That is why we are once again delighted to play host to this exciting event. Today, beer importers, distributors, beverage directors, and restaurant and retail buyers will judge the top beers from across the country and around the world, with each brew vying for the illusive double gold medal. And while today may be a day of fierce competition, it is also a wonderful opportunity to honor the memory of Ray Deter, a pioneer within the beer community, as the competition generously donates a portion of its entry fees to the scholarship fund established for his children.

On behlalf of all New Yorkers, I offer my best wishes for an exciting event. May the best beers win!

Make sure to register now online or via our downloadable form to be a part of this inaugural tasting event that will impress beer drinkers of all levels!