Great Illinois Beer Hall in Old Bakery is also Awesome Brewery

Yes, this name is literal. You will not be surprised to find this brewery was once a bakery. Old Bakery Brewery in Alton, Illinois, is proud of its origins and its modern processes. Upon entering, you’ll trace Kevin Gibson’s steps down a long corridor, noticing stylish, efficient machinery churning out flavor-filled brews.

Entering the bar, which looks something like a German beer hall, you’ll find 20 friendly tables and a selection of 9 house beers. Gibson notes that these modest beers don’t have the intense flavors and high ABV offered by a lot of craft beers on the market today. It makes the Old Bakery Brewery a perfect place to enjoy a few on a golden Sunday afternoon.

Gibson’s recommendations from the menu include the Golden Oat, Magnum Pale Ale, and the Wheat IPA. Also check out the sandwiches.

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