Rebel Brews from Kentucky

What are the secrets to making a delicious, award-winning beer? Kevin Gibson knows where you can find the answer: the Alltech REBELation Brewing and Distilling symposium in Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky. While typically associated with horses and bourbon, Kentucky is making a name for itself in the beer world with a growing, annual beer festival. Craft and big name breweries are coming together to exchange ideas and launch new flavors. This year, listen to speakers from quality breweries, such as Dogfish Head and Maker’s Mark, while you sip rare beers, like Alltech’s Kentucky Old Fashioned Barrel Ale, which blends beer with bourbon, fruit, and an unusual ingredient.

Find out which beer is best at the Alltech Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup, take a peek at Alltech’s new beer academy, and sample from 120 craft beers.

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