The Best Beers for Summer

Batter up! Summer means heat, beaches, barbecues, and baseball. Celebrate your team’s highs and suffer through their lows with the appropriate brew. Brian Petro explores the best of local breweries all cross the country, just in case you find yourself at the out of town game.

In heat soaked Arizona, you’ll want something cold you can sip on all day long, making Sun Up’s Vanilla Porter, with its low ABV%, perfect.

The NL Central offers some talented players and some great beer – in Pittsburgh; pair the Pirates with a Black Strap Stout from East End Brewing. If you follow the NL East, match the New York Mets with a Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ale.

Wherever you happen to be for the big ball game, Petro has the perfect beer for you over at The Alcohol Professor: