A Special Announcement About Cider Categories

The International Beverage Competitions Group is a strong believer in working with each major organization that represents their producers. This year we recognize the new categories released from the United States Association of Cider Makers, and are proud to announce that we are incorporating them into our competitions. It is another reason why we will be exhibiting at CiderCon in Baltimore this year to get feedback from Cider Producers.

We have found that producers throughout the liquor world wants to make sure that their liquid is judged by real trade buyers as well as in the right categories. Nothing frustrates a producer when they feel their product is not judged fairly, honorably and especially not the correct way.

We strive at the International Beverage Competitions to again work with all producers and their organizations to ensure that their products are judged the way it should be.

We encourage you the producer as well as the organization to contact us to make sure your product is judged the right way!