3 Cheers for Whiskey + Beer

What does a whiskey/beer hybrid taste like? According to beer writer Kevin Gibson, daredevil drinkers are in for a lip-smacking surprise at Corsair Distillery.

Finding himself in Bowling Green, KY, Gibson decided to sample the small-batch distillery’s specialty brews. Three varieties of whiskey distilled with hops. Hops- isn’t that for beer? Corsair Distillery’s Citra Double IPA whiskey will have you thinking otherwise. If, like Gibson, you love your beer like you love your whiskey, sip on that — but don’t forget to try the Galaxy and Mosaic.

Along with its IPA whiskies, Corsair Distillery offers innovative oat-based and smoked varieties. On a visit to Corsair, you will also find types of absinthe, gin, and rum with their own distinct flavors.

Find out more about Corsair’s IPA whiskey here: